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As used by Robert Downey Jnr in the film Ironman 3

Just some of our Hotgym customers

Barry McGuigan-Artctic Monkeys-Leicester City FC-Burton Albion FC- The RAF- The Marines

Key Facts

My name is Ian Johnson pictured above, the inventor of the Hotgym. I am a skilled mechanical engineer with 40 years experience. I've been performing exercises using my own body weight for over 40 years. It took me 10 years to design the original Hot gym and another year to perfect the quick assembly version using the same proven engineering methods as the original

I take great pride in precision engineering each Hot Gym myself, having made nearly 3000 of them over 15 years. Each Hot Gym takes a day to machine, paint and then inspect using 9 different material sizes of expensive aluminium and steel, with material and painting costs alone of 70 before any machining. Being hand crafted to close tolerances ensures your Hot Gym is as rock solid as the Hot Gym that I have been using daily for the past 15 years.

Brief Customer Reviews

"Superbly engineered, solid and robust piece of equipment, bomb proof" -Robert Beauchamp

"Quite frankly it's the porche of portable gym equipment" - Justin Spencer Wadsley

"Had gym over 10 years - brilliant piece of equipment" - Dwayne Edwards

"I was blown away by the quality of the materials & frabrication" - Brian Mosley

"Wow! cant say enough about this system, it's simply amazing" - Sean Dyer

"Beautifully engineered, I can't stop looking at it" - Chris James