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The HotGym Accessories



Carrying Bag


Each Hotgym is supplied with a free bespoke bag. But additional bags can be purchase seperately



Only 20 per bag


Hotgym bag

Power Pads


"Comfort alone is enough justification to purchase, let alone the increase in grip strength! You know, it’s not really a purchase but an investment to improve your training."

Each Hotgym is supplied with a free pair of Power Pads. But additional pads can be purchase seperately

Only 10 per Pair


Power Pads Specifications

Made in the USA by "Newgrip"

Flexible, 1/4" durable, neoprene pads.

Excellent grip.

Superb moisture absorption.

Prevents calluses.

Tougher than leather,

Pads palms AND fingers: no leather weight training glove does this,

Because your hands aren't encased in leather they stay cooler during your workout.