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Josh Willcock


Thankyou for your speedy shipping of the HotGym. I wanted to email properly after a few days of using it after my immediate reaction to it.


Because you had not gotten back to me I had ordered a "Pull Up Mate" which is a similar ideal (Freestanding, collapsable Pull up + Dip station). I had been using it for 2 weeks, which took up a "good amount' of my livingroom. I also did not feel very stable on it as it would bow a substancial amount (under my 12.5st load). With it's massive footprint only being accepted in the livingroom because of the situation when you emailed me I figured I would take you up on your offer and have both. The Pull Up Mate "for working out during Covid" and then your one for "keeping after to keep practicing pull ups in the spare room"

Well LITERALLY within 10 minutes of unboxing the HotGym and having my first go on it I immediately knew that it was vastly superior. From the fact it was 1/6th of the size when collapsed, or the sheer reduction in footprint when erected there was no competition. For putting in a smaller space long term, for storage if it was unused it would fit under a bed like a campbed. Portable and compact in nature and just not theory... Within the first 2 pull ups I turned to my partner and literally said "wow, I really genuinely cannot believe how different this feels. It's like a toy vs something you'd use in a gym". Genuinely within 30 seconds of that pull up i decided I would sell the Pull Up Mate as it was that inferior compared. If you're not familiar with Pull Up Mate, they're shipping around 300 a week internationally and have chinese/american versions all over the place, and they're complete junk compared to what you sent.

The Pull Up Mate literally had only one thing I wish yours had - Rubber feet. Luckily I had some Furniture feet pads in the garage which allowed me to use it on my hard flooring safely. I'm still genuinely gobsmacked with quite how amazingly built this thing is. Although I (used to) go to the gym 5 times a week I never mastered pull ups so this is something I'm working hard to perfect and I genuinely think this HotGym is a key part to making that success.

If I'm being entirely honest I think 80% of my low expectations was the lack of publication of the HotGym and (I hope I don't offend saying this) how old fashioned the website is. I'd consider this one of the most unique, well built and well designed home gym equipment I have ever seen and really really hope I've been able to portray in the slightest how impressed I was/am.

If you were interested in a 0 maintanance but more modern website hosted on TSO Host I'd be more than happy to help you do this for free. - Genuinely no attempt at making any momey for myself, I just think the HotGym product deserves a website in it's own league.

You probably do not care, but as I had them both built next to each other (for 2 minutes - genuinely had sold the other one within 3 hours of yours arriving) I took some photos to show you quite how portable yours is compared to the competition. Thankyou so much for letting me order one. (My partner is also grateful I assure you).


Thanks again,






Robert Beauchamp


I bought a HoT gym after a long search to replace the IronMan pull up-dip station that had a HUGE footprint in my apartment gym. From the moment I unpacked the HoT gym from its bag I knew I had made a great decision. It oozed quality. As I assembled it (very simple and quick with the tool provided) I realized what a superbly engineered, solid and robust piece of equipment it is - absolutely bombproof. Now having used it I am delighted with my HoT gym and cannot recommend it highly enough; I wish I had had one decades ago when serving as a marine. I perform only strict exercises so have no worries with its stability, which could be an issue for those who \'kip\'. I have no doubt my HoT gym will be passed down through the generations. For strict exercises in the home or on the road I cannot see the HoT gym being beat; even most home gym pull up stations are not as well manufactured as the HoT gym. Awesome.



Justin Spencer Wadsley (Nottinghamshire)


What can I say about Hot Gym, the exceptional ingenious concept in portable home gym equipment ?


Well.. let's start with build quality. Unlike some compact gyms and commercially available home-gym equipment, Hot Gym stands on it's own. Quite frankly, it's the Porsche of portable gym equipment. Engineered as if it was the finest Colonel Colt revolver, each piece appears to have been lovingly crafted and it all fits together like a precision Swiss watch.. albeit, it's not as remotely as intricate! in fact, the secret of Hot Gyms build strength has been as a result of it's inventor's skills in automotive engineering. By maintaining strict tolerances in the manufacturing process, the gym behaves as if it has been seam welded when it's put together. Bottom line...it's stronger than a wild stallion on PCP!


Now let's turn our attention to performance. I love dips. They're not everyone's cup of Darjeeling (granted) but I, personally adore this exercise. As a dip station, Hot Gym reaches all the right places. As an individual with a keen interest in the pugilistic arts, it is refreshing to be able to train the punching muscles in a way that doesn't always involve press-ups or bench presses. Add a weighted vest, or a weighted belt, and the strength gains are limitless.


Furthermore, the built-in chin station for working the upper back, biceps and gripping muscles, the numerous abdominal exercises you can do on this machine, and the long handle that enables the user to do elevated press-ups, Hot Gym has it all. Even when packed up, Hot Gym can be used as an exceptionally wide dumbbell and strength training aid for anyone with an inventive mind


Referring to, "When it's packed up", it's time to give Hot Gym's portability a mention. Like most well considered ideas, huge attention to detail has been given to making Hot Gym portable. In fact, Hot Gym is so compact when it's packed up for transportation, one could be forgiven for thinking it can't take the heat. Believe me, it can! When pieced together for carriage, its not much bigger than my right arm - and a damn-sight more solid!


In the final analysis, had Hot Gym been available to me before I had invested thousands of pounds in home gym equipment, I would have saved myself a bucket load of cash. For useful strength, it is probably the only upper-body muscle-developing tool a strength-minded athlete will ever need. I am, indeed, one very happy, proud owner. Having been told it was more than 10 years in the making, like the finest malt whisky; it was well worth the wait!


Thank you Hot Gym, may it be the great success it deserves to be.



Dwayne Edwards


I have had hotgym for over 10 years and what a brilliant piece of equipment. I have dismantled and built up hotgym too many times to count over the years and have moved home 4 times over the years and still its just as strong as the first day i bought it. I know there are other pieces of gym equipment out there but this is way better and Ian who is the designer knows everything about it so if you need any help or advice your not put through to some call center you speak to the source. Building hotgym is not difficult at all, simple alan-key assembly, and just check out the you tube video on how to build not a long process at all. Because I work long hours I dont always get time to go gym so when  get home I mainly use it for pull ups, chin ups and dips. With the dips you get a nice stretch who works your chest, triceps and shoulders. Even when I wake up in the morning I like to spend a few minutes working out on it, its very addictive! and helps with building up natural body weight strength on top of just lifting iron. Sometimes I use it after a gym workout out when I get home just to get an extra muscle burn; and let me tell you, you will definitely see a difference in your muscle growth. Even if you cant do a dip, chin up or pull up; keep practicing on this equipment and you'll get serious arm and shoulder gains. I know its a long review but I thought I would be honest and truthful and let people know not to buy cheap substitutes because this light, strong piece of equipment is excellent value for money.


Sean Dyer


Can't say enough about this system. It's simply amazing. Best money I've spent in a long time. I hope all's good with you, and I hope to get the word around to endorse your product. Simply Top of the range in my opinion! A Massive breakthrough in the Gym/ Design Engineering World. From one Lancashire lad to another - thank you, all the best to you and family.





The hotgym is nicely set up in the flat. I have to say how well made it is compared with the mass made products on the market. Took me slightly longer than the five minutes set up though, partly cos im a bit thick.. but more because the appreciation i have for this impressive piece of equipment. I have spent this afternoon online looking at similar equipment such as the TAPS pull up station and am very happy i chose the Hotgym. Respect for you Ian. Well done



Brian Mosley


This is just a message of thanks for delivering on your promise - and I hope you can share this testimonial on your web site. I have to say that I'm wary of glowing testimonials on the web these days... I always wonder "is this person for real? Or just a made up story to boost marketing of a mediocre product" - well, lucky web browser you can rest assured, I have absolutely no connection with Ian other than as a hugely satisfied customer.


I was a bit unsure that this design would be strong enough to take my 15 stone weight, or that it would be high enough to suit my 5'11" height but I was blown away by the quality of materials and fabrication.


This is worth every penny, and I give it my personal recommendation. Buy with total confidence, you will be happy you trusted me :-)


Chris James


Just received the order and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.  I am blown away by the quality of this product the pictures really don’t do it justice.  It’s beautifully made and beautifully engineered I can’t stop looking at it.


Many thanks


Hot Gym - The Portable Gym That Packs a Big Punch!


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Product Review by ez


This is a slick piece of kit. Fact!  For anyone who's into conditioning their upper body via bodyweight exercises, this setup comes highly recommended. It is a simple piece of apparatus that serves a simple purpose - to develop upper body strength.  The best thing of all is that it can be set up within your home in 5 mins, used for conditioning drills and then quickly packed away for easy storage.

Some of the exercises that can be drilled - Muscle ups, lat pull ups, dips, chins, incline press ups and leg raises.

Style: Nothing fancy. Very basic looking but at the end of the day, it isn't meant to look good.  3/5

Fit: Size wise, when packed away, can be stored under a bed or in a cupboard without taking up any room at all.   5/5

Weight: Made from mild steel and aluminium weighing only 13 kg and suitable for people weighing up to 110kg.  5/5

Durability: Simplistic yet rugged design can take a real hammering. Comes with a 12 month guarantee.   5/5

Value: Priced at 169 it doesn't come cheap. However, once bought, you won't need to cough up again as this is built to last.  4/5

Overall: If you are happy to seek out specific obstacles to be able to drill the range of techs you can with this construction, fine. However, if you want to be able to practice whenever it suits you (regardless of the weather) and want to avoid paying hefty gym fees, this could be just for you. Everyone knows how much upper body strength helps with Parkour/Freerun, so if serious about your game you're onto a winner.  5/5



CIAO Review Submitted by "Mountain Goat"



HotGym - An excellent concept, well designed


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Full Review

The Product

I recently purchased a HotGym, living in a flat I have very limited space for any exercise equipment. The HotGym collapses down brilliantly for hiding under the bed or behind the sofa when not in use.

The website (http://www.hotgym.co.uk) shows just how compact this gym goes for storage and the functionality when in use. It's very easy / relatively quick to put together and take apart, the website states 5 minutes, at the moment it takes me around 6 minutes so not too far out, and you could of course leave it up space permitting.

Once assembled the gym feels extremely stable and offers a range of exercises from sit-ups / chin-ups, dips, leg raises and even elevated press ups. For me this is ideal - I much prefer doing exercises that use your own body weight for resistance.

The gym comes with full instructions on how to assemble and also well illustrated recommended exercises.


I came across the HotGym from an advert in Men's Fitness magazine several months ago, the only thing that delayed my purchase was the price (169 plus p&p), is this too much to pay for a bit of metal? My initial thoughts were yes, on reflection though this isn't actually bad value, the more I use it the more I continue to be impressed by its design and functionality and surprised that there is nothing else on the market that I've found like this. No need to join a gym and pay high membership costs if you have something like this.


I did quite a bit of research prior to buying the HotGym, similar products available in the UK include the Macy Power Station - cheaper yes but this does not have any of the flexibility of being a portable device like the HotGym. You also have the old favourite chin-up bar which goes onto a door frame, obviously a lot cheaper but not in the same league by any stretch of the imagination (I've still got one of these but don't use it as it was damaging the door frame!).
Other products which as far as I'm aware are only available from the US include TAPS (Tactical Athlete Pull-Up System) but this is more expensive ($425 when I last checked plus p&p), the TAPS gym though doesn't appear to have all the functionality the HotGym possesses.


As you'll notice, the only disadvantage I can find is that you can't buy this gym online, for me this isn't a major issue but it may put some people off. In this instance I think this disadvantage is turned around in that when you phone through you get to speak to someone who knows about the product and is able to answer any questions you might have, although I didn't pay by credit card I believe you can use this option over the phone.


Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the design of this product and it does an excellent job of doing the task it was created for. At 13kgs it's probably not something you'd pack into your suitcase for your next flight abroad as it would use most of the weight allowance you get these days, however it's ideal for putting in the back of the car if going away or for the reason I purchased it - to save space.

Although I haven't taken the gym with me yet when going away I'd certainly consider this, if you're away with work or on holiday for example normally you find that exercise regimes go out the window (and are replaced by hotel food!) - having the gym with you would mean there's no longer any excuses!

Is this the gym for you? It really depends on your requirements, if you are looking for the portability it offers, either for saving space when not in use or for taking with you when away then I don't think there's anything that can beat it.

I'd Recommend this without any hesitations.  




 this without any hesitations.