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Proven patented design

Made in Great Britain from mild steel and aluminium weighing only 13.3 kg

Portable size: length 1000 mm. Width 93 mm. Depth 96 mm.
Erected size: Height: 1930 mm Width: 970 mm Depth: 707 mm

Compact when erected and can be easily moved.

Designed to allow adequate head clearance with home ceilings.

Proven well engineered construction

Suitable for persons up to 1980 mm (6'4") in height and 110 kg (240 lbs in weight)

Epoxy powder black/silver text paint oven baked for durability

The gym can be erected in under 3 minutes using only one Allen  Key which is supplied

Your hotgym is guaranteed to be free from defects due to faulty materials, design or workmanship for
3 years from the date of purchase